4structures® Insurance Services


4structures.com LLC offers a wide variety of annuities, in addition to structured settlement annuities, such as:

     Income Distribution and Longevity Risk Solutions
Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)
Defined Benefit Annuities or Deferred Income Annuities (DIA)
"Constructive Receipt" Settlement Annuities. Not income tax free , only tax deferred, but qualify for special pricing if purchased within a short time after settlement. Ask us for details.

Tax Deferred Annuity Solutions
-Indexed Annuities, for retirement or as part of an allocation from settlement proceeds(EIA)

Life Insurance

With over 30 years of practical life insurance experience, John Darer can assist you, your client or your firm in exploring and determining your needs, the appropriate form of life insurance and guide you though the implementation.

Personal and business life insurance audit and evaluation.
-Term Insurance. We can save you shopping time by quickly providing you with a spreadsheet with a broad spectrum of companies and streamlining the underwriting process for you.
-Universal Life, Whole Life, Hybrids.
      -Fund Buy-Sell Agreements for Law Firms and other professional entities
-Estate Liquidity Needs.
-Creative Uses of Life Insurance in the Settlement Planning Process
Evaluation of Life Insurance for Fiduciaries

Disability Insurance

 Personal Disability, Disability Buy Sell, Group LTD, High Level Specialty DI 

Long Term Care Insurance, LTC Funding Solutions and Advice

Long Term Care is expensive and its costs are rising,
Without long term care insurance your wealth can dissipate very quickly because most health insurance plans do not cover long term care and Medicare does not cover custodial care. Yet it becomes increasingly difficult and more expensive to obtain as you get older. Consider your quality of life. Even if you qualify for Medicaid many of the top facilities do not accept Medicaid.

John Darer's Family Story is Compelling Proof That LTC Insurance Works
John Darer had a frank but loving discussion with his parents about long term care insurance in August 1999, the result of which was that he wrote and paid for the long term care coverage together with a sibling,  for  more than 12 years.  In 2004 his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. By March 2011 his father entered assisted living at the award winning Waveny Villagein New Canaan CT, where he resided until his death.  A discussion 12 years earlier enabled the Darer family to fund the cost of long term care at one of the best assisted living facilities in the United States without significant asset erosion.  The policy paid out almost 6 times the aggregate premiums paid from August 1999 through March 2011, in benefits from 2011 until his father's death in November 2013. The long term care insurance meant that the family could focus on the supervision of care instead of having to provide the care and self pay.

Watch John Darer's Video "Long Term Care Insurance: Time To Have the Discussion"

Let's begin a discussion and help you work through long term care insurance options for you and/or your parent(s).

  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Life Insurance/Long Term Care Hybrid Solutions
  • Annuity LTC Solutions with Confinement Enhancements
  • Life Care Funding through Life Settlements per IRC 101(g) (CT only at this time)

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