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We want to help you learn more about structured settlements and settlement planning in the way that you feel you best absorb information.  The LLC Structured Settlement Video Learning Center along with our other video resources on  4structures1 YouTube channel, or on Talking Settlement™ is designed to help those who retain more of what they see and hear.

Watching and listen to this collection of video podcasts featuring John Darer, President of LLC, and others may be helpful to you. Videos are grouped by subject matter  Videos for specific topics under can be found by scrolling down the page. Share with your friends and colleagues. Lawyers may find some of these videos and on our YouTube Channel and Talking Settlement may be helpful to educate their clients on topics related to their cases. 

The Structured Settlement Video Learning Center and  be a valuable training, learning and knowledge management resource for plaintiffs, defendants, trial lawyers, claims adjusters and insurance company representatives, judges, paralegals, financial advisers and members of the media. Please bookmark this page, 4structures1 YouTube channel, or on Talking Settlement™  as we plan to add and share new content throughout the year.

Remember that if you see or hear a settlement planning or structured settlement term, keyword or industry jargon that is not familiar to you,, LLC has one of the settlement industry's most comprehensive structured settlement and settlement planning glossaries

If there is a settlement planning topic you would like to see addressed in a video, or you would like to have John Darer address a group at your office, trade association meeting or conference, please contact us at 203-325-8640. John Darer is also available for media interviews.
I. New York/Connecticut Structured Settlement Practice
A. CPLR Articles 50A AND 50B
CPLR 50A 50B Structured Judgment
B. The Structured Settlement Lock-In
structured settlement lock in
C. New York General Obligations Law 5-1702
New York Gerneral Obligations Law 5-1702
D. Structured Annuity Companies in 2017-2018
structured settlement annuity companies
E. Deferred Compensation for  Lawyers
structured legal fees
II. Structured Settlements 101
A. What is a Structured Settlement
what is a structured settlement
B. What is a Qualified Assignment?
what is a qualified assignment
C. Constructive Receipt: The Structured Settlement Killer
constructive receipt structured settlements
D. Present Value: How Does It Apply to Structured Settlements/ Structured Judgments
present value structured settlements
E. What is a Structured Settlement Broker?
structured settlement broker
F.Inherited a Structured Settlement?
inherited structured settlement
G. Rated Age and Impaired Risk Pricing for Structured Annuity
rated age structured settlements
 H. Internal Rate of Return: What is Structured Settlement IRR?
rate of return structured settlement
III. Structured Settlements FAQ
A. Structured Settlements for Minors
structured settlements for minors
B.Structured Settlement Documentation
structured settlement documentation
C. Secured Creditor Status and Structured Settlements.
secured creditor structured settlements
D. Structured Settlements: The Ultimate in Predictable Income
predictable income
IV. Financial and Settlement Planning Topics
A. Best Time to Engage Settlement Planner
settlement planner
B. If They Only Had Life Insurance
life insurance settlement planning
C. What is Settlement Planning? A Process To Help You Through The Financial Transition
D.Structured Attorney Fees: A New Paradigm
E. Special Needs Settlement Planning
 F.Structured Installment Sales
structured installment sales
V. Structured Settlement Factoring: Information/Caveats For  Structured Settlement Sellers
A.Selling Your Structured Settlement
selling your structured settlement
B. Avoid a "Bad Hair Day"
bad hair day
C. Shop Around, Like Your Mama Told You!
you better shop around
D. Selling Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments
selling life contingent payments
E. Chapter 7 and Structured Settlement Servicing-Part 1
structured settlement payment servicing
 F.Chapter 7 and Structured Settlement Servicing-Part 2
structured settlement servicing
 G. Structured Settlement Debate John Darer v Matt Bracy Apr 2011
structured settlmenet debate
H. John Darer/Matt Bracy Debate Pt 2 Apr 2011
structured settlement debate
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