Terminal Funding

Terminal Funding | De-Risking of Pension Liabilities
Terminal Funding transactions permit a pension plan sponsor to remove this long-term liability from its balance sheet using Group Single Premium Annuity and Guaranteed Monthly Income Annuity products. Pension plan sponsors can transfer all or a portion of their financial obligations associated with their qualified and non qualified pension plans to a highly rated, quality life insurance company . Also, because the annuities are fully purchased, the life insurer takes over all risks associated with the payment liability. Terminal Funding eliminates ongoing administrative expenses that are associated with the pension plan benefits.
Terminal funding group annuity contracts can be customized to match many of a terminated defined benefit plan's provisions such as actual retirement and early retirement ages, various forms of payment options and other features such as cost of living adjustments and pre-retirement death benefits.

Pay as You Go Terminal Funding Option
Employers with defined benefit pension plans who do not wish to go through a full termination may wish to utilize a "remove as you go" strategy for "buying out" the obligation.

Examples of where terminal funding can be used

We offer product solutions to sponsors of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension plans. Some examples where Terminal Funding may be used:
  • Plan termination
  • Spin Offs
  • Plant Shutdowns
  • Mergers and/or Acquisitions
  • Relieve cost of plan administration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Settlements pursuant to Financial Accounting Standards Board FASB 87/88
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