The Basics

What is Settlement Planning?

Settlement Planning is a comprehensive holistic approach to helping plaintiffs and their counsel move through the financial transition resulting from a major life event. The financial planning decisions that must be made are unique to each person and transition event. Our approach to settlement planning balances the personal and the technical, using Sudden Money® protocols and tools. This requires training,  experience, patience, empathy and the ability to educate. Settlement planning is not about just about selling a product.

What is a Structured Settlement?

      Structured settlements offer customized stable income, a degree of certainty and tax benefits, a combination that other investment vehicles cannot. Structured Settlement is an innovative negotiating tool, which, if effectively used, provides significant benefits to all parties in litigation. . More details inside.

Tax-free Structured Settlement vs. Taxable Structured Settlements

      Structured settlement payments are income tax-free if payments are for damages that are excluded from gross income under IRC §104(a)(1), IRC §104(a)(2) or IRC §139F, Claimants and Plaintiffs only have a short time window to take advantage of this longstanding tax break.     

How Structured Settlements Work

     How do structured settlements work? The sequencing in a structured settlement transaction explained in three concise bullet points and a very helpful structured settlement flow chart.

Rated Ages and Structured Settlement Cost

     What is a Rated Age or Impaired Risk Rating? How does a rated age affect the price of a structured settlement annuity? How do plaintiffs and/or defendants benefit by obtaining rated ages?

Designing Your Structured Settlement: What Benefit Streams are Possible?

     There are many ways in which your structured settlement benefits can be designed. Most important is providing a solution to fill your needs. We can customize virtually any type of structured settlmeent payment or even a stream of many different structured settlement payments in one or more structured settlement contracts. Find out more details in here.

Structured Settlements vs. Other Investment Alternatives

Do you think, have you read, or have you heard from an adviser, that you can do better than a structured settlement? Don't jump to conclusions without a full understanding of your options. You owe it to yourself or your client to understand the issues. It's a life impacting decision. In here you will find a discussion of how structured settlements compare to other investment alternatives.

United States Treasury Bond Funded Structured Settlements

     Tax-exempt or tax deferred structured settlements funded with United States Treasury Obligations can provide claimants with a greater degree of security than annuities for those that are most conservative. 
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