Defendants & Insurers

Why You Need a Settlement Expert?

Claims adjusters and attorneys who look to their structured settlement expert or settlement planning consultant as a team member in lieu of strictly a structured settlement annuity quoting source get more value.  Learn how to get the most out of your structured settlement expert or settlement planning consultant.

Funding Agreements

Funding Agreements are similar to Period Certain Annuities and may be used to facilitate settlements between corporations. We'd like the opportunity to quote your next funding agreement.

Life Care Plans

Life care plans establish and quantify medical damages from an injury. Find out how we can help you evaluate life care plans and quantify the cost.

Non-Qualified Structured Settlements and  
Non-Qualified Assignments

The non qualified assignment or non qualified structured settlement is an excellent way to resolve disputes or claims for taxable damages,  or those that do not fall within the realm of physical injury, physical sickness or wrongful death. Many areas of application for non qualified assignments are discussed here.

Settlement Expert Services, LLC provides a full compliment of structured settlement and settlement planning and brokerage services throughout the life of a claim - Pre-Settlement Services, Settlement Services, and Post-Settlement Services are detailed.

Periodic Payment Assumption Reinsurance

Periodic Payment Assumption Reinsurance can be used for taxable or non taxable damage settlements. It is useful for LTD claim settlements with insurers, or taxable damage settlements providing for certain future periodic payments to the claimant, with the claimant looking solely to the reinsurer for future payments.

Workers's Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation Claims are an important application for structured settlements. Your company’s opportunity to benefit from significant administrative and financial gains from transactions in the area of Worker’s Compensation permanent partial and permanent total claims is explained here.

Employment Structured Settlements

Employment structured settlements are a great win-win tax efficient solution for settlements for claims of emotional distress, discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, failure to promote, lost pension differential and many other employment related claims.
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