Worker's Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation Claims and Structured Settlements
What is Workers Compensation?
Workers compensation is a form of insurance required from employers that provides money as compensation for workers who are injured at work or contract an occupational disease. in Benefits are paid in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

A structured settlement enables workers compensation payments to be tailored to better suit the needs of the injured worker. Conceptually, Workers Compensation payments are intended to be partial replacement of income covering present and future lost earnings resulting from a workplace injury, "on the job injury" or illness. Medical and indemnity payments are determined by workers compensation statutes and may not always fit the employee’s needs.    
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Benefits of Structured Settlements for Workers Compensation Claimant

  • If the settlement proposal is imaginative, the claimant is relieved of the responsibility of managing large sums of money, yet is provided funds for immediate use plus a regulated income allowing him/her to adjust his/her lifestyle with the confidence that there will be no interruption in the income stream. There are many cases where a structured settlement annuity, may create a more advantageous settlement package than a lump sum approach or the continuation of benefits under a state's workers compensation act. This is particularly true when the indemnity benefit is minimal and the majority of the cost is associated with future medical care. Often the medical costs are high during the recovery period, then stabilize and the claimant finds he/she can’t survive financially on the income benefits provided.
  • Replace lost wages
  • Replace retirement shortfalls
  • Provide benefits for survivors instead of payments ending at death
  • A structured settlement pursuant to a qualified assignment may provide the Claimant with greater security because the annuity issuer and assignee may be financially stronger than the employer, insurer or funding pool that has making the claim payments.
  • Tax advantage
Are Workers Comp Structured Settlements Taxed?
Payments for workers compensation are excluded from Gross Income pursuant to Internal Revenue Code §104(a)(1).  Like damages for personal physical injury, workers compensation future payment obligations can assigned by the employer or employer's workers comp insurer by way of a qualified assignment, subject to IRC §130.  Not only is the amount used to fund the structured settlement income tax free, but the total payout is as well because each of the payments is consideration for the settlement and

Workers Compensation Medicare Set Aside Arrangements (WCMSA)

The cost of a  Workers Comp MSA can be reduced through the use of a Structured MSA or annuity funded MSA. 

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