Structured Settlements Common Questions

Common Questions About Structured Settlements

Structured settlement expert John Darer®CLU ChFC MSSC RSP CLTC recently responded to some common questions that people are asking about structured settlements.

Some of the questions answered in this Structured Settlement FAQ video posted on Talking Settlement
  1. What is a structured settlement broker and what should you look for?
  2. What are some practical examples of where a structured settlement makes sense
  3. Can I take my time to make a decision?
  4. Do you have to structure all of your settlement?
  5. How you can avoid getting killed with taxes on your employment settlement in 2017?
  6. Why a Structured MSA? Can my client really save money using a Structured MSA?
  7. Do foreign nationals qualify for structured settlements? Are there any special considerations?
If you have structured settlement questions you would like to address on a future show, or for more information call John Darer® CLU ChFC MSSC RSP CLTC at 888-325-8640.
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