About 4structures.com, LLC

About 4structures.com®, LLC
Structured Settlement Expert
4structures.com® LLC is an AM Best Recommended Structured Settlement expert and expert service provider, in the structured settlement, settlement planning, litigation recovery management space providing financial consulting services and settlement solutions in conjunction with the settlement and resolution to parties in all types of claims and litigation. Settlement services include Sudden Money® transition work,comprehensive settlement planning, mediation/negotiation strategies and assistance, structured settlement annuity placement and diversification strategy, implementation and/or coordination of alternative periodic payment and litigation recovery management solutions such as settlement preservation or recovery management trusts, special needs trusts, Medicare set aside trusts. Regardless of where you stand, by utilizing us as your centralized information resource you can save time and energy.

4structures.com LLC is proud to offer its services as a structured settlement expert. We are dedicated to serving clients who engage us as settlement experts, free of political agenda. We are  experienced knowledgeable structured settlement and financial consultants, who are entrepreneurs; who work with trial lawyers, claims personnel, mediators, risk managers and other financial and legal professionals, to effectively design, negotiate and implement settlement solutions that are appropriate to the scenario for which we are engaged. Click here for settlement planning services menu for plaintiffs. Click here for settlement consulting services menu for defendants, insurers and government agencies. Either way our in-depth analysis, comprehensive settlement planning advice, tenacity and knowledge of simply how to "get it done" gets results.

4structures.com, LLC strives to be one of the industry knowledge leaders. The 4structures.com, LLC web site has a wealth of searchable information and perhaps the structured settlement industry's most comprehensive glossary of structured settlement terms, words and phrases, including terms for settlement planning, financial planning, deferred compensation and other terms relevant to settlement issues facing our clients, prospective clients, and their lawyers. There is search functionality at the top of very webs page on the 4structures.com, LLC website. If you are a member of Facebook click here to visit our new Facebook page and become a fan.

4structures.com® LLC is also a provider of periodic payment reinsurance(“reinsurance structured settlements”), terminal funding contracts, and life and viatical settlements (where licensed). In addition, we provide annuity and non annuity based deferred periodic payment solutions such as structured installment sales, structured celebrity and athlete endorsement fees and divorce settlements . With structured sales, buyers and sellers of business interests or real estate entering into buy/sell transactions in the USA that qualify as installment sales under IRC§453, may use the structured sales method to secure the cash flow and provide a more creative customized cash flow design than under a regular installment sale. 4structures.com, LLC also offers divorce structured settlements as a creative means to secure payment obligations in a divorce where the paying spouse has sufficient capital, and structured celebrity endorsement fees, an effective deferred periodic payment solution for athletes, actors and actresses, models, authors and other celebrities.

4structures.com, LLC provides ancillary insurance services to tort victims, attorneys and other entities. Some of those services include life insurance, impaired risk life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance and other life care funding solutions for long term care, joint life second to die life insurance.

4structures.com, LLC primarily serves accounts throughout the United States and international clients on their risks in the United States. However, some consultants may serve clientele in other international jurisdictions.  John Darer worked on what is believed to be the first structured settlement concluded in Argentina.

In the settlement arena, with a broad geographical presence, through our affiliation with Summit Structured Settlements and through proprietary quoting technology that quickly identifies a structured annuity issuer’s ”sweetspot” for segmentation/diversification of benefits, and our high level of technological efficiency through our In4structure™ technology, we have the flexibility to handle virtually any type of loss.

We aim to extend the benefit of our practical experience and knowledge, provide you and your staff with value added service and hope to save you time and money with our proprietary In4structure® technology. We welcome any feedback that would help us further understand your needs and help us to serve you better.

4structures.com, LLC accepts referrals from other licensed financial professionals, firms and financial advisors on a case by case basis. We respect your client relationships on referrals where there is overlap in the insurance services area.

4Structures.com®, LLC will consider project specific joint ventures and strategic alliances with other financial advisors, settlement professionals and firms with complementary skill sets and credentials.

Let us be your source 4structures®, whether that be structured settlements of any type of legal settlement, structured attorney fees, or structured installment sales.

In MA, also known as 4structures Insurance Services
In CA, also known as 4structures Settlement Insurance Agency, OF19785
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