Life Situations

Divorce Structured Settlements

      The use of a non qualified assignment or non qualified structured settlement can provide assurances to the spouse receiving child support obligations, alimony, or periodic payment equity distributions, that payments will be received on time every time, thus reducing the time and cost of new court proceedings to resolve issues that may arise. There are also benefits to the paying spouse.

Structured Settlements for Children and Minor Wards

A structured settlement alone, or in conjunction with a Settlement Preservation Trust, is a natural strategy for your child's or minor's settlement. A structured settlement generally offers a greater return than a blocked account, or government bonds, spendthrift protection and, in many cases a more meaningful short or long term solution than simply a lump sum of cash at majority, where it can be squandered before the child, minor ward or young adult is mature enough to understand the consequences.

Settlements for Seniors and Retirees

A structured settlement will appeal to any senior or "seasoned citizen", including a retired individual or one who is at or near retirement age. Here's why!

Structured Settlements With Special Needs Trusts. A Good Marriage?

Impaired risk, or "rated age", structured settlement annuities (consideration given to reduced life expectancy due to current health conditions) offer superior economic performance when used in conjunction with a Special Needs Trust or Supplemental Needs Trust.

Special Needs Trust

One of the many obstacles that may hinder settling a personal injury suit is the loss of entitlement benefits (SSI, Medicaid, etc. )following a settlement. A Special Needs Trust or Supplemental Needs Trust can help preserve those benefits.

Split Annuity Concept for Structured Settlements

The split annuity strategy provides dependable tax free income and principal preservation.

Life Insurance in Settlement Planning

Life insurance may be an important element of a settlement plan when the settlement involves a minor child or incapacitated adult, particularly if parents or loved ones are the primary caregivers. Life insurance can be used to finance the cost of a replacement caregiver, or someone who will replace certain services that were provided for by the caregiver. This value of this use cannot be overemphasized.  For a more in depth examination of the uses for, and the forms and methods of paying for life insurance, click below.

Terminal Funding

Terminal Funding is a method to achieve balance sheet relief which permits a company or plan sponsor to transfer all or a portion of its financial obligations to a high quality insurance company.

Worker's Compensation Claims

Structured settlements are increasingly being used to resolve worker’s compensation claims.

Structured Settlements For Wrongful Conviction Settlements

Structured settlements may be beneficial to individuals who have been wrongfully imprisoned by providing a stable income foundation for themselves and their families as they transition from prison back to society.
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