Plaintiffs & Attorneys

Structured Attorney Fees

Careful planning must be done in advance should you wish to structure your legal fees! Do not wait until the last minute to structure your legal fees! We can provide guidance if you are interested in deferring all or a portion of your fees. More details here.

Don't Leave Tax Benefits of Structures on The Table

      Why simply ignoring structured settlements is a big mistake. Plaintiff lawyers may be held accountable to their clients for not presenting a structured settlement offer as part of the overall settlement or not providing or referring their clients with qualified advice concerning structured settlements, settlement planning or recovery management issues 

Medicare Set-Aside Allocation  (MSA)

Protecting the interest of the Medicare in a workers compensation settlement is the law. A Medicare Set Side is one way to do it. Now liability cases will be scrutinized more closely.  A Structured MSA can save money. Do you have the tools to do the job?

Monte Carlo Simulation

Making decisions based on static investment projections is inherently flawed because of failure to account for implicit volatility during the investment period. What are the chances that your or your client's cash settlement could run out? Let's run a Monte Carlo simulation or Monte Carlo Analysis and find out!

Structured Settlement and Settlement Planning Services® , LLC provides a full compliment of structured settlement and settlement planning services throughout the life of your case. Find the details here.

Qualified Settlement Fund as a Settlement Resolution Tool

Plaintiff attorneys favor a Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) because they have greater control while resolving liens and determining appropriate distribution amounts to their clients on the appropriate case. Learn more about a Qualified Settlement Fund-when and how it can be used.

Settlement Preservation Trust

A Settlement Preservation Trust (SPT) is a flexible alternative periodic payment funding device that can be used alone or in combination with a structured settlement annuity to provide money management and spendthrift protection.
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