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Settlement Expert Services Provided by 4structures.com® LLC
Plaintiffs and plaintiff lawyers who engage their own expert structured settlement consultant or settlement planning expert can help limit potential liability related to settlement and dissipation issues through file documentation that we provide, increase overall client satisfaction and ensure that the plaintiff and the attorney have the best advice possible when it comes to planning the disposition of their settlement proceeds.

Pre-Settlement Services
  • Employ Sudden Money® transition protocols and tools to help prepare clients to make sound financial decisions when the time comes to do so.  Work with one of the settlement industry's only Certified Financial Transitionists.
  • Develop financial and capital needs analyses for plaintiffs (and lawyers who want to structure attorney fees)
  • Calculate actual present value cost 
  • Coordinate the settlement with public assistance (SSI, Medicaid and Medicare) and/or private benefit programs together with other advisors
  • Apply for and track medical rated ages based on impaired life expectancy 
  • Consider planning issues such as estate and/or income taxes and/or replacing caregiver(s) unique to each case.
  • Design creative settlement proposals to match the claimant’s need and integrate with overall settlement or financial plan 
  • "Shop the market" for the most competitive structured settlement annuity benefits 
  • Consider annuity issuer diversification opportunities or alternative permissible qualified funding asset (i.e. US Treasury Bond Trust) and other suitable alternatives.
  • Structured Judgment cost analysis. Article 50A or 50B projections or judgment calculations (New York cases). "What will it really cost based on a set of damage variables?"
  • Run "Monte Carlo"cash flow simulation programs if needed to help client gain better understanding of risk
  • Strategic problem solving and research 
  • Provide education and learning resources for plaintiffs and their lawyers.
Settlement Services Provided Concurrent with Mediation and Settlement
  • Customized settlement solutions
  • Evaluate structured settlement offers from opposing counsel 
  • Negotiation support (if needed) 
  • Attendance and availability for consultation at mediations, pre-trial conferences and, in NY, for post trial 50-B hearings. Will travel.  Have participated in mediations across the USA.
  • Avoid constructive receipt  
  • Offer full structured settlement annuity, non qualified assignment (sometimes referred to as "non qualified structured settlement") and United States government bond structure program placement   
  • Offer resources for all types of settlement trusts, with institutional trustees or custodians  
  • Provide financial and subject matter expertise 
  • As a resource to lawyers, provide review of lawyer prepared documents, and/or instructions and guidance for completion of settlement documents, when case resolution involves a structured settlement or non qualified assignment. 
  • Coordination with other financial and legal advisors as part of a community of practice. We accept referrals
  • Provide Structured Settlement Affidavit or Declaration.
Post-Settlement Services
  • Ongoing Sudden Money® financial transition work, post settlement financial counseling and wealth orientation
  • Attorney/claimant communication 
  • Coordinate receipt of future periodic payments
  • Reliable source of general financial information for claimants. For those that need it, we can help you find what you need to find. 
  • Placement of other financial products  needed to achieve client objectives (if desired)
To the extent legally possible our services are usually provided at no cost to you or your client. As licensed brokers, we are entitled to receive commissions directly from placing or co-brokering structured settlement annuities or treasury funded structured settlements, from the life insurance companies issuing the structured settlement annuities.Other products or services may carry a commission or a fee. If there are any costs associated with any other related service, or financial product, they will be disclosed. To the extent possible we utilize efficiencies afforded by our proprietary in4structure technology to save time and reduce costs while maintaining a personal level of service.

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