Settlement Expert Services

Settlement Expert Services
  • Preliminary Snap-Shot Economic Analysis on Wrongful Death and Personal Injury cases to help in reserve setting.
  • Assist claims staff and counsel during discovery to help identify and obtain the necessary information to complete a thorough damages analysis. 
  • Coordinate the settlement with, public assistance (SSI, Medicaid, IDEA,) and/or private benefit programs. We maintain extensive resources of information available to our clients on matters we are involved in.
  • Review medical records, filter the most salient information for use in obtaining the highest possible rated ages. Apply for medical age ratings based on impaired life expectancy
  • Consider settlement and/or financial planning issues such as taxes and/or replacing caregiver(s) and other factors that may positively or negatively impact the value (or perceived value) of your offer.
  • Design creative settlement proposals to match the claimant’s needs and integrate with an overall settlement plan within your authority. Utilize available resources and spectrum of financial products to come up with the most benefit-rich but cost efficient package.
  • "Shop the market" for the best annuity benefits
  • Provide Structured Settlement Affidavit to enhance credibility with Plaintiffs and the Courts.
  • Structured Judgment cost analysis. New York CPLR Article 50A or 50B projections or judgment calculations.
Settlement Expert Services Provided Concurrent with Mediation and Settlement
  • Evaluate demands from opposing counsel
  • Negotiation Support
  • Availability for consultation and attendance at mediations, pre-trial conferences and post trial hearings. Will travel. Ability to think on feet and help generate bridge building ideas that bring the parties together. Available to travel as required by the needs of the case.
  • Avoid constructive receipt
  • Non qualified assignment (sometimes referred to as "non qualified structured settlement") and government bond structure program placement
  • Offer resources for all types of trusts with institutional trustees
  • Offer consultation and placement of other financial products and/or services necessary to achieve case resolution objectives. Facilitate and see all processing to completion.
  • As a resource to lawyers, provide review of lawyer prepared documents, and/or instructions and guidance for completion of settlement documents, when case resolution involves a structured settlement or non qualified assignment.

Post-Settlement Services
  • Defendant or Insurer/Attorney/claimant communication
  • Coordinate receipt of future periodic payments and allow all parties to close their files with confidence.
  • To the extent legally possible our services are usually provided at no cost to your claim file. As licensed insurance agents or brokers, we are entitled to receive commissions directly from placing, and/or co-brokering, the structured settlement annuities with the life insurance companies issuing the structured settlement annuities. If the needs of a case dictate that there are any costs associated with any other related service or product they will be disclosed.
To the extent possible we utilize the efficiencies afforded by our proprietary in4structure® technology to save you and counsel time and reduce costs while maintaining a personal level of service. 

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