Structured Settlement Quotes

Structured Settlement Quotes 2018

What You Need To Know

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Factors that may affect structured settlement quotes:
  • Are there any rated ages? If income for life benefits are being considered, are there any health impairments that can be used to boost the yield or drop the cost of funding a particular need of the plaintiff with a structured settlement?
  • Is the structured settlement going to be split funded with multiple life insurance companies?
  • Is the structured settlement being funded with Treasury Funded Structured Settlements?
  • Will the structured settlement be pre-funded in advance of court approval or execution of a release, or will the benefits need to be locked-in? If a structured settlement quote lock-in is to be used, how long? Sometimes lock-in fees apply!
  • Are daily rates available? How long are the daily rates good for?
  • Who is funding the structured settlement? One, or more defendants or their insurers? If a non-qualified assignment is being used, will the structured settlement funding be wired or will the premium be arriving by check?
Watch the structured settlement quotes video for more information

In the informative video below, Master Structured Settlement ConsultantJohn Darer®, A.M. Best Recommended structured settlement expert and President of® LLC, discusses the process involved in obtaining a quote for a new structured settlement and the pricing issues that arise when working with a structured settlement broker or settlement planner.

What Is not a Structured Settlement Quote?

The lack of regulation of sales practices in the structured settlement secondary market enables the unmitigated use by buyers of structured settlement payment rights, using structured settlement quotes and other insurance terms, whether or not their usage is technically true. Hopefully that will change in the future, but in the meantime, get informed about real structured settlement quotes.

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