Structured Settlement Service

Structured Settlement Annuity Company Customer Service Phone Numbers® LLC has compiled this list of customer service phone numbers for structured settlement annuity companies for your convenience, because we know how frustrating it can be chase down structured settlement customer service or customer support contacts when you have just a simple task or question.

Do you have a structured settlement annuity and want to:
1. change a bank account for direct deposit;
2. change a beneficiary;
3. change an address  (note that most settlement agreements state that it is the payee's responsibility to maintain a current address with the annuity issuer)
4. report the death of the annuitant; or
5. have you lost the contact information for your structured settlement broker?

For the convenience of annuitants, attorneys, claimants and owners of structured settlement annuity contracts, the LLC compiled list includes customer service phone numbers for current and former structured settlement annuity companies and is current as of December 26, 2017. Please be sure to have your contract number handy when you call.

Note that over the course of time the companies may have merged, been acquired or had name changes. If there is a company that you are looking for but do not see it on the list please contact us via Click to Call above, or contact us by email.  Also read notes #1 below if you have previously sold any of your payments,

Current Structured Settlement Annuity Company/ Periodic Payment Reinsurance Company
American General Life Insurance Company 800-288-4088 ext 8006
Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance Company of Nebraska/ First Berkshire Life Insurance company (NY/NYC cases) 402-916-3395
Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston 800-451-7065 option 2
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company/ Metropolitan Tower Life/MetLife Insurance Company USA (formerly MetLife Ins Co of CT) 800-638-2704
National Indemnity Company 402-916-3395
New York Life Insurance Company 855-469-5772
Pacific Life Insurance Company/ Pacific Life and Annuity Company 888-728-5611
The Prudential Insurance Company of America 877-778-8118
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company 800-843-2455
United States Life Insurance Company in The City of New York 800-288-2088 ext 8006
Former Structured Settlement Annuity Company
AEGON 800-866-0002   Service website
Alexander Hamilton Life 800-458-5299
Allstate Life Insurance Company/ Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York 800-840-3870/ 877-690-4092(FAX)
American International Life Assurance Company of New York (post 2000 issue) 800-288-4088 ext 8006
American International Life Assurance Company of New York (pre-2000 issue) 866-221-0418
American Mayflower Life Insurance Company of NY 800-432-6631
Athene Annuity Life Assurance Company of New York (formerly Presidential Life Insurance) 800-926-7599
Aviva Life and Annuity Company/ Aviva Life and Annuity Company of New York 888-285-4332
Canada Life 800-879-8271
CGU Life/CGU Life of NY/ CU LIfe/ CU LIfe of NY (see Aviva Life and Annuity or NY subsidiary above)
Commonwealth Life (see AEGON)
CNA/ Continental Assurance Company (now known as Wilcac Life Insurance Company) 877-633-5217
Confederation Life (see Pacific Life & Annuity which services these contracts)
Executive Life Insurance Company of New York (contact Guaranty Association Benefits Company-GABC) 800-421-8850
Executive Life Insurance Company/ELIC (Aurora National Life Insurance Company) 800-265-2652
F&G Life Insurance Company 800-357-8734
Farmers New World 877-369-5778
Federal Home Life (see Genworth)
First Colony Life Insurance Company (see Genworth)
GE Capital Assurance/ GE Capital Life Assurance Company of New York 800-432-6631
Genworth Life/ Genworth Life of New York 800-432-6631
Hartford Life Insurance Company 800-678-2282
John Hancock Life Insurance Company (see John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.)
John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.)/ John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York 866-275-5477 option 2
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company 888-549-4227
Monumental Life (see AEGON)
Manulife (see right, or John Hancock) 800-395-2364
Monarch Life Insurance Company 800-654-0050
People's Security Life (see AEGON)
Presidential Life Insurance Company (see Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company of New York)
SAFECO Life Insurance Company (see Symetra)
Symetra Life Insurance Company 800-796-3872
Transamerica Life (see AEGON)
Travelers Life and Annuity (see Metropolitan Life)
United Pacific Life (see Genworth)
VALIC (see American General)
Voya Financial Group/ Security Life of Denver (formerly known as ING) 800-238-6273 option 4 (Scott Swenson)
What If You Have Lost or Misplaced Your Structured Settlement Documents?
1. If you have sold a portion of your structured settlement payment rights to a settlement purchaser (a/k/a "cash now pusher") it is possible that the unsold part of your future structured settlement payments are being "serviced" NOT by the annuity issuing life insurance company, but by either (1) the settlement purchaser, (2) a servicing subsidiary of the settlement purchaser or (3) another company, bank of or other financial institution that provides servicing on such transactions.

Structured settlement servicing is necessary primarily because some structured annuity issuing life insurance companies choose not to split annuity payments so the annuitant must transfer ALL of their structured settlement payment rights (i.e. even the unsold portion) to a factoring company or servicing entity.

When structured settlement payments are subject to a servicing agreement following a sale of structured settlement payments for "cash now", you must contact the entity that is servicing your annuity payments, not the annuity issuer. If you have sold multiple times to different companies you may have more than one servicing company.

Investors who have acquired structured settlement payment rights in the structured settlement secondary market should be mindful to determine at the time of purchase, whether they have acquired serviced structured settlement payments and be guided accordingly.

2.  If you have a structured settlement that was issued by Allstate Life Insurance Company or Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York and you have a structured settlement that includes a period certain followed by life time payments  (e.g. 30 years certain and life), this is a reminder that Allstate had a peculiar way of issuing contracts. While other companies issue a single contract, Allstate actually issued two policies, an A policy and a B policy with the same contract number. One of these contracts was for guaranteed lump sums or certain payments and the other for lifetime payments. Occasionally there has not been a seamless transition. In 2015 during the course of assisting an Allstate annuitant who found us on the Internet, we learned that Allstate has outsourced its customer service to a call center in the Philippines. Unfortunately, in our opinion, because the Allstate call center employees were not servicing the accounts prior to 2013 and thus are not familiar with the history of Allstate structured settlements, it led to the Allstate call center employees disseminating inaccurate information. Fortunately we were able to correct for the insured quickly, by making multiple calls to the Allstate home office until we found someone who knew the history. Make sure you keep a copy of your contract and settlement paperwork in a safe, secure, fireproof and waterproof place.

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